What?  Contests, Competitions, etc.

  • We will have weekly/monthly/ongoing contests.

  • I will post new contests in our GroupMe.

  • A list of ongoing contests will be listed on our team site.

  • The Yellowjacket winner of each semester will win a jacket ... get it?  A Jacket wins a jacket. 



Points will be awarded for all participants.  Increasing value the higher you place.


Points will be awarded for competitions, grades at the end of the semester, attending team meetings/events, tagging RCTC soccer on social media posts, captains practices, etc.  So some of you have points already.


If you have ideas feel free to text them to me.



Prizes for top two for each semester.  

  • Under Armour jacket for first place.  

  • Something else for second.


This is just a little incentive to help you be motivated to prepare for 2021.


This is something new that I want to try.  We had a full plan for competitions if we had been in person for a “normal” season, but I am modifying it for a current Covid-tastic life.

Screenshot 2020-09-10 08.19.19.png
RCTC Sting Soccer sticker 2.png