Registration is now open for the first session of the Wednesday / Thursday Adult Open Leagues at Soccer World.  


These are the coed nights, but teams do not have to be coed.  I think your best bet is to have a coed team so that you will have enough players.  Games are 6v6, you will want to have at least 10 players. 


That way you have enough players for the games and more people to split the cost.  $850 split ten ways is $85 each player.  I think you get 8 games a session, so about $10 each.

Basic info:

  • October 21st- December 17th

    • Games are scheduled 530pm-1030pm Wed or Thur

  • 8-week season

  • In the case COVID shuts down the league, refunds will be provided minus the number of games played

  • Team cost- $850

    • Must have a minimum of $200 to be considered for the league


All info is available at:
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